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Brand Design, Marketing, and Communications

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Let's face it...people Google. Your brand is showcased throughout your entire online presence. It is like a five-second handshake – a moment of truth to help a potential client decide if they think you'll work well together, if you can help them, and why they should choose you over others.


When a brand doesn't reflect the great company behind it, disconnection occurs, and this may cost your company potential customers, clients, contracts, and drastically affect your bottom line.


Brand development, design, marketing, and strategy is our sweet spot.



We partner with our clients to develop and design their brand, assist with brand management, and create marketing strategies to achieve the success they desire. Our background in visual communications provides us with an innovative design approach to convey the unique story of each brand we work with. Utilizing strategic partnerships, Hausbeck Brand forms a team of innovative and experienced professionals that believes talent, street smarts, and persistence is the perfect mix to create success for our clients.




A brand must connect with their audience, it must create an emotion within the consumer. A brand should have personality, just like humans! 


This is where our expertise comes into play. We partner with our clients to develop, design, manage, and market their brands. We specialize in assisting companies to develop a thorough understanding of what they want their brand to represent.

  • What should the brand visually look like?
  • What is the brand's voice?
  • How does the brand want consumers to feel when interacting with it?

We answer those questions, and a lot more, together.

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We often equate a marketing strategy with a great bowl of soup. It takes the right ingredients, added at the right time and in the right order, to produce a tasty marketing plan. There is no "one" ingredient that will catapult your brand into the lives of your target audiences' awareness and increase your revenue tenfold overnight … there is no magic wand.


With a multitude of ingredients to choose from, finding the right ones that fit your unique brand, budget, and goals can be overwhelming. You need experienced chefs to help you choose the correct ones. Hey, we happen to know some!

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Michelle Hausbeck is certified through the Get Good Speaker Mastery Program, a John Maxwell certified program. She trains and delivers keynote speeches on a variety of topics, both personal and industry-related. Speaking is the art of learning to become a great storyteller, engaging with your audience and adding value to their experience. She has a passion for giving her all to the audience and creating a valuable and memorable experience for them.

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"Our very lean marketing team was feeling overwhelmed with some big-picture projects that we just couldn’t seem to find the time to give our full attention. I was introduced to Michelle Hausbeck’s work through Adam’s Place, a non-profit program our charitable giving organization awarded a grant in 2017. Her enthusiasm and passion struck me immediately! After one meeting with her to review our current challenges, she overflowed with creative ideas and an immediate sense of Brady’s business and culture. Now, she is like an extension of our team! She is always my go to when I need laser focus and out of the box ideas to solve a marketing project. And as a bonus, Michelle is a genuinely stimulating and fun person to be around with unparalleled positive energy. We are lucky to have partnered with such a professional!"
— Michelle Harrison, Vice President of Marketing, Brady


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