MICHELLE IS EXTREMELY CREATIVE AND DISCIPLINED. “When I realized that my brand and my messaging were unclear. I approached Michelle Hausbeck to help us create a brand, logo, and cohesive messaging across my website and social sites in order to effectively connect with people who would benefit from our services. Michelle Hausbeck helped us […]



“When I realized that my brand and my messaging were unclear. I approached Michelle Hausbeck to help us create a brand, logo, and cohesive messaging across my website and social sites in order to effectively connect with people who would benefit from our services.

Michelle Hausbeck helped us understand that we had unknowingly developed a brand. She helped us clarify the messaging and she brought that brand to life through images, a new logo, and marketing tools.

One thing I really appreciate about working with Michelle is her ability to cut through the content we supplied to create a marketing plan and brand that we are proud of and represents our company.

I found the experience exciting, thought-provoking, information, and fun. Michelle guided us patiently through the process.

Michelle is extremely creative and disciplined. She came up with ideas for branding and marketing we never would have thought of. Projects were completed in a timely manner. If you are in the market to bring a fresh new look to your branding, or if you are a business owner who wants a creative new logo, branding, and marketing tools, I highly recommend Michelle Hausbeck!”

– Devra Betts, Wellness Architect, Author, Wake the Health Up



“Michelle Hausbeck helped me revamp my business cards and flyers. She is very creative and knowledgeable in her field. She has all the tools to help your businesses succeed. She wants to see your business succeed as much as if it were her own. So if you are starting a new business or need a change in your existing business Michelle is your girl. I would highly recommend Michelle Hausbeck.

– Julie Williams, Massage Therapist



“I have known and worked with Michelle on many projects over the past 7 years. Michelle separates herself from other designers and brand managers. With Michelle, you have a design and vision talent who delivers solutions and products in a timely matter. She is a professional who enjoys seeing business and brand come together as one.”

– Don Cramer, REALTOR®, Cramer Group Real Estate @ Urban Nest Realty



“We’ve used Michelle Poe Hausbeck to do our logos, cards and other marketing collateral for more than 10 years now. Quite frankly she is amazing – super fast turnaround time and wonderfully creative. I strongly recommend her for your business as well. Five out of five stars!”

Micah Bleecher, Owner, Bleecher Insurance



“Michelle brings next level experience to her clients as well as our partnership. The level of detail and diligence she provides her clients for branding initiatives, rivals that of the largest advertising agencies. Her focus on quality and efficiency truly drive outstanding results. It’s clear she brings real value to the table for her clients, as well as to our partnership”.

– Brian Blackman, Digital Marketing Consultant, ThriveHive 



“I would recommend Michelle Hausbeck to people who need help in getting their wacky ideas translated into a logo that tells the story of their brand perfectly! Having worked indirectly with Michelle for years, I admired her creativity, attention to detail and customer service from afar and was thrilled when I reached out to her for help with a branding concept, I received the same level of expertise and professionalism that she is known for!”

– Nicole Mastrangelo, Community Manager, Co-Operate On Main



“As a business owner, I can’t begin to tell you how important it is to be proud of your brand, logo and website. Prior to working with Michelle, I didn’t like my website, so I didn’t talk about it. I didn’t like saying the name of my business and overall wasn’t excited.

Thankfully I met Michelle and hired her to breathe life back into my business and me. After asking all the right questions about who I am, what my business is about and my why, she came up with the most incredible logo, brand messaging and website I could ever imagine!
Everything, down to the last detail is me! I love it and couldn’t be prouder to show it off to everyone! I was so in love with the final product, I had a big launch party so everyone could experience it with me.

Thank you Michelle, for bringing my business alive!”

– Missy Day, International Speaker & Corporate Trainer, Missy Day – Success Consultant



“Our very lean marketing team was feeling overwhelmed with some big picture projects that we just couldn’t seem to find the time to give our full attention. I was introduced to Michelle Hausbeck’s work through Adam’s Place, a non-profit program our charitable giving organization awarded a grant in 2017. Her enthusiasm and passion struck me immediately!

After one meeting with her to review our current challenges, she overflowed with creative ideas and an immediate sense of Brady’s business and culture. Now, she is like an extension of our team! She is always my go to when I need laser focus and out of the box ideas to solve a marketing project. And as a bonus, Michelle is a genuinely stimulating and fun person to be around with an unparalleled positive energy. We are lucky to have partnered with such a professional!”

– Michelle Harrison, Vice President of Marketing, Brady



“I approached Michelle Hausbeck back in early 2018 because she struck me as a personable, intelligent, and highly competent creative designer / marketer. I heard her talk about helping other businesses get off the ground and develop their brand. Looking to open up my own law firm, Michelle inspired in me the confidence I needed to make that leap of faith from employee to employer. Brand creation and marketing are two things I knew nothing about prior to working with Michelle. Michelle has been an awesome mentor in this respect. Creating my firm’s brand was truly a collaborative process, where she actually cared about my own ideas and worked to incorporate them in the brand creation process. Michelle also helped me launch my website and continues to serve the role of consultant in my advertising / marketing efforts. For someone who has the potential to open their own business but is reluctant for one reason or another or for someone who is just not proud of thier “brand,” I would strongly recommend that you meet Michelle. I promise you won’t be disappointed.”

– Alexander R. Vail, Esq., Law Office of Alexander R. Vail, L.L.C.


“We had a great experience collaborating with Michelle Hausbeck for one of her client’s projects. She really is a dream client, as communication is a breeze, expectations are clearly defined, and she creates a very positive and creative work environment for our team, which consists of translators and copywriters. We are looking forward to working with Michelle again soon.”

– Judy Jenner, Twin Translations


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