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Hausbeck Brand is a design and communications firm with an emphasis on brand development, design, and strategy. 


We work with companies in a wide range of industries, including gaming, hotel/casino, restaurant, security, non-profits, real estate, law, education, coaching, health/wellness, personal branding, and many others.


We are firm believers that every step involved in developing and marketing a brand has a goal. Knowing the goals before the design process begins is key. This helps create a strategy not only for design and marketing, it also guides the creative development for the brands content, voice, imagery, usage, and marketing placement.


We partner with our clients, working together to achieve success. We communicate, we strategize, and we get it done! We are always honest with our clients. For us, it is about building relationships, nurturing them and always being transparent about the best course of action.

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We start with your "why." Knowing why you want to start a business or revamp your current one is key to building a strong foundation for your brand. The brand design, voice, content, messaging, marketing strategy, and culture all depend on the answers to this question. It must be answered before starting any design or content creation.


Our process includes getting to the root of what it is you want to achieve. One of the key pieces in our process is known as a "deep dive": Together, we map out your "why" and your vision, all of which drive the design process. A brand design needs to incorporate the owner(s), mission, values, and goals for their business. The "why" is an integral part of who you are and what you do. It must be integrated into your brand. This process isn't intimidating or abstract, we simply have a conversation and explore your goals and your "why". We are firm believers in the lost art of conversation, whether in-person or over-the-phone, there's no better way to find out where you want to go than talking about it. Communication comes full circle – we communicate about what you want to communicate to your clients or customers.


Every business that can answer "why" has a higher success rate in connecting with their target audience.




  • Brand Development
  • Brand Design / Re-Design
  • Brand Management
  • Brand Marketing


  • Logo
  • Website
  • Business Card
  • Letterhead
  • Brochure
  • Flyer
  • Print Ad
  • Direct Mail
  • Signage
  • Presentations
  • Package Design
  • Social Media Pages
  • Online Ads
  • E-Newsletters
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We often equate a marketing strategy to a great bowl of soup. It takes the right ingredients, added at the right time and in the right order, to make a tasty marketing plan. There are a ton of ingredients to choose from. Online advertising, search engine marketing, retargeting ads, pay-per-click ads, search engine optimization, social media engagement, traditional advertising, e-mail marketing, radio, print, video, website analytics, networking, speaking, workshops, and a slew of others. Finding the right ones that fit your unique brand, budget, and goals can be overwhelming. You need experienced chefs to help you make the choices that are best for you and your business.


A great marketing strategy needs to be watched, tended to, evaluated, and have the agility to allow you to make informed decisions based on real time results. Much like changing up a recipe to increase the flavor profile of the soup, you need to know where your marketing recipe is working and not working. That's what we do FOR you! We tend to that soup and make sure it's always tasting great!




  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click and Ad Administration (Google AdWords)
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Website Analytics
  • Online Advertising
  • Re-targeting Ads
  • E-Newsletters
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Michelle Hausbeck is certified through the Get Good Speaker Mastery Program, a John Maxwell certified program. She trains and delivers keynote speeches on a variety of topics, both personal and industry-related. Speaking is the art of learning to become a great storyteller, engaging with your audience and adding value to their experience. She has a passion for giving her all to the audience and creating a valuable and memorable experience for them.


Michelle had the opportunity to speak at the following events throughout the past few years:

  • What's Your Story? 2017 – Keynote Speaker and Panel Participant
  • What's Your Story? 2018 - Keynote Speaker and Panel Participant
  • What's Your Story? 2019 - Speaker Panel Participant
  • What's Your Story? is a semi-annual event created for the speakers and the audience to share and learn how to share their own personal stories of tragedy and triumph.
  • Get Good Speaker Mastery Program Graduation – Keynote Speaker
  • Host of Sticks & Stones, a monthly internet TV Show
  • Various networking events throughout the Las Vegas Valley

Choose from a variety of keynote speeches or workshops, including:

  • Streamline Your Social Media
  • Pajama Brand: Your Brand IS Being Judged
  • Is Your Brand Affecting Your Bottom Line?
  • Identifying Your Target Audience – It is NOT Everyone
  • Who Are You? Thinker, Starter, Doer
  • Social Media Do's and Don'ts
  • Defining Goals and Action Plans
  • Human Relations - Perspective, Interpretation, and Communication

Each organization and audience needs are all a little different. Michelle is happy to customize a speech and/or training to fit  specific requirements. They can revolve around branding/marketing and her two decades of experience in the industry, personal experiences, or a combination of both.



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"I approached Michelle Hausbeck back in early 2018 because she struck me as a personable, intelligent, and highly competent creative designer / marketer. I heard her talk about helping other businesses get off the ground and develop their brand. Looking to open up my own law firm, Michelle inspired in me the confidence I needed to make that leap of faith from employee to employer. Brand creation and marketing are two things I knew nothing about prior to working with Michelle. Michelle has been an awesome mentor in this respect. Creating my firm's brand was truly a collaborative process, where she actually cared about my own ideas and worked to incorporate them in the brand creation process. Michelle also helped me launch my website and continues to serve the role of consultant in my advertising / marketing efforts. For someone who has the potential to open their own business but is reluctant for one reason or another or for someone who is just not proud of their "brand," I would strongly recommend that you meet Michelle. I promise you won't be disappointed."
- Alexander R. Vail, Esq., Law Office of Alexander R. Vail, L.L.C.



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